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Founder’s Message:

A very hearty welcome to the every visitor especially the stakeholders of PENS family!

Launch of such an advanced, creative and radical brand in the field of education which will nearly be opening its wings to the other countries is doubtlessly a thing of immense pleasure for me. I can foresee, ideas becoming alive, imageries becoming tangible and the dreams coming true, Alhamdulillah. After serving more than two decades both nationally and internationally, analyzing national and international curricula, digging deep into the general practices and beliefs about education, I reached to the point that there is a lot to be done in the field of education in Pakistan. The flames of this burning desire got higher and higher as I thought of re-defining education in my dear home land. The idea of this revived and redefined education was based on the firm pillar of functionality of education. In this model, education is never envisioned as a bulk of material to be crammed and reproduced when asked. Instead it’s the education that infuses humanity in the body and soul of young human beings. It’s an education that can smell the smoke rising from someone’s heart. It’s an education that gets eyes when someone cries. It’s an education that gets hands when someone needs help or when something wrong is happening around. It is an education that can taste the adversity and empathizes the underprivileged. Finally, this is an education that can be seen, felt, and heard in its learners. What I strongly believe is that wherever my “PENSONIANS” go, they will leave everlasting footprints for others to follow.