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CEO Message

Welcome to PENS Novel Educacia®.

World around us is changing with every passing moment. When we look around us, we feel a modern and technologically changed world. From our living standards to our eating hobbits, everything has been changed. But unfortunately, education system in our country is experiencing very slow or no change at all. We are following the same old techniques and methodology that we have been using scores of years ago. If we want to change the destiny of our country, we would have to change our educational set up, methodology or even philosophy first.

This is the reason why PENS Novel Educacia®. was set up. One of its biggest objectives is to bring our education system in compatible with the modern techniques which are vital for the development.

Education enables a person to face new challenges, achieve progress and lead a successful life. All the students should be given opportunity and right to acquire right education through right educational institution/system. Education at PENS is neither just about academic brilliance nor a consistent return, but an ambience where culture and human skills meet together.

We now welcome students to come forward to experience the difference. Keeping abreast of this contemporary world of cut throat competitions, we the PENS team, aims at creating an inter-disciplinary and a holistic academic environment that enables students to gain knowledge without stress. We are also pleased to welcome all the students to this world of Pasion, Education. Novelty, and Sagacity with our best wishes for them to unlock and realize their potential. 

I believe and live by the adage that the “Education is the seed to self-determination and prosperity” and also that ““Every child has the right to achieve and excel; whereas delivering back to the society is obligatory to every individual.”

With its ambition to provide state of the art education for the needs of our future generation, PENS Novel Educacia®. is setting up partnership with renowned schools and universities around the globe to share experiences and knowledge for a strong liaison in the field of education.

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