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Being Pakistan’s 1st blended learning school system, PENS International has a number of feathers in its cap. The magic begins when its students centered learning environment makes the “Pensonians” sit on the driving seat and steer the vehicle of their joyful learning journey. They giggle, they laugh, they move, they sing, they collaborate. The classrooms echo with their learning noise. Their classes don’t look like a pastry but they demonstrate an amazing display of their work. This work may appear messy but this mess is the sure guarantee of the work done by them.

My Choice periods are also an exciting thing for our learners. Every Monday, Pensonians wake up with a thrilling thought of going to school because the week is going to begin their learning with the freedom of their own choice. They may choose any of the clubs with the variety of activities

PENS Culture:

PENS is a community of exceptionally caring, soft hearted and concerned stake holders. They not only celebrate the joys but also share the sorrows. It’s the community where everyone feels attended, cared after, and supported.

Red Carpet Welcome:

Learners reaching the school in time receive a red carpet welcome that is rolled up as soon as the school bell goes. Whereas the moment the late comers enter the school they miss the warmth of the red carpet so everyone avoids missing out the red carpet welcome.

Joys and Sorrows at PENS:

PENS is an extra ordinarily connected family. The bond is so strong that no one feels like going home in the off time.

Fun Time at PENS

PENS Clubs:

Co-curricular activities have their own importance when it comes to the grooming of the children. They get closer to the teachers and the teacher-student fear barrier lifts up thus giving both teachers and the students a matchless opportunity to dive into the inquiry and come up with the findings together.

Art & Craft Club

Every Monday begins with energizing thought of My Choice period. The students who choose Art & Craft Club move to the art room to put their imagination on the canvas.

Think, Pair and Share:

Think, pair and share culture is one of the most prevailing attribute of PENS environment. Students, teachers are at such an amazing level of comfort with each other that they always love to exchange ideas, design execution together, do the reflection and contribute to the next steps.

Shared Leadership Modal:

PENS has strong believe in shared leadership modal. Here at PENS no one is either inferior or superior to the other as demonstrated and advised by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). “Everyone amongst you is a king and everyone will be answerable for his mob.”

PENS Ambassadors are trained to be future leaders. They are found taking the lead at the times of morning meetings, PTMs, off time, break time and during all events. This sort of activities pave way for whole child development and ignite the flame of being future leaders.

They start taking a closer look at their surroundings and are able enough to decide what to do and how to proceed keeping a result oriented ending of what they do.

Principal for a Day, Abdul Mannan, Grade VI

Pensonians’ Portrait

PENS has developed a unique and assiduous portrait to show case how a learner in this community looks like, feels like and acts like. Attributes of this portrait are as under:

  • Confident
  • Self-dependent
  • Disciplined
  • Committed
  • Innovative
  • Cultured
Co-curricular Activities


School Trips

Awareness Campaigns

Spelling Bee


Speech Competitions


Leadership as a Part of Curriculum

Plantation Drives


Sports Gala

Project Based Learning (PBL) Week