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About Us

About us

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Khyber Pakhtoon Khawah
Our Mission Our Vision

We aim at providing a fostering environment through meticulously designed curriculum that ensures the development of the whole child preserving the entire uniqueness of his personality thus producing spiritually, emotionally, religiously balanced citizens who will be completely ready to embrace the challenges of tomorrow.

“Every child has the right to achieve and excel; whereas delivering back to the society is obligatory to every individual.”

Our Beliefs

We at PENS believe in:

  1. Reflection of Islamic values in the children’s behavior.
  2. Students centered learning environment.
  3. Inquiry based learning.
  4. Individuality of every child.
  5. Real life connection of every lesson taught in the class.
  6. Taking teaching and learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom, the school and even the course books.
  7. Continuous reflection and revision of our beliefs and practices.
  8. Power of collaboration in the whole community.
  9. Equitable and challenging learning environment.
  10. Every child’s right to achieve and excel.
  11. Every individual’s responsibility to deliver back to the society for a better world around us.
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