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We are a team of highly professional members with a vast experience in national and international education. We have been observing and experiencing the quality of education being delivered in most of the schools around us and feeling the need of an institution that builds the character in such an effective way that the growth becomes visible. This is the growth that reflects itself when the child speaks, when the child acts and reacts, when he agrees and disagrees, when he inquires and responds to the inquiries, when he observes his surroundings and takes actions. Every step of PENS inception from planning to execution is a result of careful deliberations, wide range of consultation and professional perfection. Not only that we have considered the standards and practices of most renowned accreditation /authorization companies like Advanced (Now Cognia) and IB (International Baccalaureate), but we have also compared these Standards and Practices with the ones set by Ministry of Education, Pakistan; thus ensuring the child’s success in national and international scenario.

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The Appreciated Practices! “Whole child development” is the need...

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